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Curly inducted into NC Music Hall of Fame
Curly celebrates 75th Anniversary in Music!
Curly featured on Song of the Mountains TV show on PBS.

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Welcome neighbors, to the on-line home of Bluegrass Legend Curly Seckler. Take a look around, read the bio, browse some photos from past and present. Drop by the store for a collection of Curly’s recordings and other items too. When you’re all done be sure to drop Curly a line and let him know what you think!
"Curly is a great entertainer, and connects well with an audience. We learned a lot from him, and I always looked up to him."
- Jesse McReynolds
"I loved Curly's voice with Lester’s. I thought it was second to none. Curly was the most awesome rhythm player that I ever heard. He really made himself a part of that rhythm machine that they had."
- Doyle Lawson
"Curly and [Lester] Flatt were just a sound that you recognized anywhere. I mean, if you’re building a brick house, Curly was the mortar, the glue that held it together."
- Mac Wiseman
"Curly helped develop [the Foggy Mountain Boys'] sound - the singing, the tone of the vocals - and he played great rhythm on mandolin."
- J.D. Crowe
Curly's interview with William Friday on UNC-TV's North Carolina People.
Courtesy of UNC-TV.
Interview courtesy of Song of the Mountains
"Down in Caroline" with the Steep Canyon Rangers, courtesy of Song of the Mountains
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